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프랑크푸르트 ACHEMA 전시회에 선보인 IP69K 모터 입니다.

자체 속도조절이 가능한 인버터 장착모터이며 IP66 / IP69K 까지 보호등급이 가능한 모터 입니다.

주로 식품회사 또는 높은 압력의 스팀분사되는 제지회사등의 설비에 사용 가능한 제품입니다.


News –

Drives for process technology applications

At the ACHEMA exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will present distributed drive concepts that meet the typical demands of the process industry. Variable-speed drives with IP66/IP69K ingress protection are suitable for applications that require regular cleaning with high-pressure steam jets.


Bargteheide , 2015-04-23

All components are manufactured in-house: gearboxes, smooth-surface motors, and frequency inverters. The nsd tupH anti-corrosion treatment – developed by NORD and FDA-certified (Title 21 CFR 175.300) – gives the aluminium housings a smooth and durable surface. Even blows and scratches do not impair the corrosion resistance. Since no coating is applied but the surface itself is hardened, there can be no pollution of products or process media as for instance with chipping paint.


Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 15–19 June, 2015

Hall 5, Stand D18

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