The metal construction company SMIL, located in Montpellier, produces conveyor system solutions relying on drives from Northern Germany. In a quarry in the southern French commune of Gardanne, geared motors by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS guarantee safe and efficient conveyor operation.

Bargteheide , 2018-09-15

The belt conveyors in the Durance Granulats quarry were equipped with NORD SK 90 series bevel geared motors . Ever since then, it has been possible to exploit three sources of material instead of just one and to increase the capacity of the plant by 25%.NORD bevel geared motors feature housing seals according to IP55, as well as a mechanical security system, which prevents unintentional return flow of the loading weight when the conveyor belt is stationary. In total, NORD developed and supplied 26 geared motors with a performance range from 2.2 kW up to 22 kW.

Due to their placement in UNICASE housings, the drives provide the highest level of torsional rigidity and an especially high radial and axial load bearing capacity. Machining of the bearing seats are carried out in a single step, which ensures a long service life.

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