Reliable, robust, networked and intelligent – NORD provides individually configurable and Industry 4.0-ready drive solutions for parcel centres.


Bargteheide , 2018-02-12

Parcel centres place great demands on drive technology: In order to avoid faults and downtimes, drives have to ensure maximum reliability. And due to the large number of necessary drive units, the systems have to operate with high efficiency. This reduces operating costs. Easy installation, operation and maintenance, as well as Industry 4.0 -capability are important factors too.


NORD bevel or worm geared motors guarantee fast and reliable transport of parcels. Even under continuous load, the gear units ensure low maintenance and a long service life thanks to their durable and wear-free gearing. In addition, motors with high overload capacity make it possible that only a small number of versions is needed, despite the fact that the conveyor system consists of many drive units. The inverters are supplied as plug-in versions and can be replaced quickly and easily if maintenance is required.


The decentralised frequency inverters are networked and communicate with each other via various interfaces. The integrated PLC can be freely configured and carries out local control tasks autonomously. If backlogs occur at a loading ramp, for example, the conveyor chain can be slowed down. Thus, downtimes can be reduced. It also allows for continuous monitoring of the drives.


Around the world, intelligent drive solutions from NORD ensure smooth processing and fast dispatch. For example, NORD provided the French delivery service Chronopost with 1,100 decentralised drives for their parcel centre. With a maximum capacity of 30,000 parcels per hour, the parcel distribution centre just south of Paris is one of the most efficient in Europe. And for Australia's fastest parcel sorting system in Melbourne with a capacity of 35,000 parcels per hour, NORD provided 1,000 motors and drives.


AT A GLANCE: NORD drive solutions for parcel centres


  • Avoid downtimes thanks to the frequency inverter’s intelligent PLC
  • Reduced number of versions
  • High-efficiency motors
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance
  • Plug & Play – Plug connectors for simple installation and maintenance
  • Pre-programmed frequency inverters for fast commissioning
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