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The ambient conditions and demands on the engineering of a steel rolling mill are very harsh. They are even harsher if the rolling mill is located in the desert state of Bahrain's hot climate. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS equipped the entire plant with robust standard geared motors, which have worked faultlessly since being commissioned.


Bargteheide , 2017-03-22

The new profile rolling mill which plant constructor SMS Meer constructed in Bahrain will produce 600,000 tons of steel per year. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplied the necessary geared motors. More than 600 drive units were supplied simply for the roller conveyors in the rolling line, as well as standard parallel shaft gear units for chain conveyors on the cooling line and four high torque industrial gear units which are used to align the heavy ingots ahead of the rollers. Geared motors in rolling mills must be able to withstand intermittent and continuous operation with fluctuating loads and speeds, as well as frequent overloads. In addition the geared motors are subjected to severe loads due to the continuous acceleration and deceleration of the girders, which may weigh up to 16 tons and are moved backwards and forwards through the rolling line, where they cause heavy impacts on the drive technology. Because of this, NORD supplied especially robust BLOCK geared motors. The UNICASE housing of the gear unit ensures a high radial and axial load capacity and is especially stable under load. SMS Meer has used NORD geared motors for more than a decade, for good reason: NORD is highly familiar with the requirements of the steel and metalworking industry and supplies optimised drive solutions specifically for use in rolling mills – from the roller conveyor, cooling line and cutting line, up to casting ladle handling and much more.

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