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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS now offers standardized drive units in three highly efficient and easy-to-service versions for typical requirements in conveying applications. The line-up of LogiDrive systems enables a quicker selection of the suitable drive for a given application and allows for reducing the variety of versions to a manageable few.


Bargteheide , 2016-11-17

IE4 synchronous motors with 1.1 kW, 1.5 kW, and 2.2 kW rated power are combined with two-stage helical bevel gears for speed ranges of 0-565 rpm (size 1) or 0-482 rpm (size 2 and 3). The transmission is continuously variable in the range from 1 to 500. Distributed frequency inverters for installation on the conveyor frame near the motor ensure optimum accessibility. They feature a key switch for disconnection from the plant control system and a direction switch for local set-up.

LogiDrive systems are designed for horizontal or inclined conveyors. They integrate the safety functions STO and SS1 according to DIN EN 61800-5-2 and DIN EN 60204-1. The motors feature a high overload capability. The system is fully modular: all components can be serviced separately. This significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs. NORD integrates all standard fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces directly in the AC vector drive. LogiDrive systems deliver reliable performance anywhere in the world and are suitable for 50 Hz as well as 60 Hz AC frequency.

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